About D S’ven Ace Services

About D S'ven Ace Logistics and Services

D S’ven Ace Logistics and Services is Davao’s most prestigious car rental company, having been established in 2019. D S’ven Ace Logistics and Services and Rent a Vehicle’s founders have more than ten years of expertise in the car rental industry and have earned the trust of all prominent car rental clients.

Affordable Logistics Services in Davao


Excellent Deal and Affordability.
We provide you with the most affordable prices. We are always available to accommodate…

Car Rental in Davao


Reserving a rental car ahead of time is recommended. We can provide you with a smooth reservation process to guarantee…


D S’ven Ace Logistics and Services provides cutting-edge logistics solutions daily. We offer the appropriate option for you, whether you have a new e-commerce business or looking for a new supplier.

In Davao City, Philippines, D S’ven Ace Logistics and Services is the most dependable and trustworthy car rental service. We all like going on vacations and exploring new and exciting places with our friends and families. 


Since then, I've been doing business with D S'ven Ace Logistics and Services. The staff are friendly, responsive, and professional! With a feeling of urgency, they were really helpful and considerate. Loads are delivered on time, and the charges are very fair. I want to continue doing business with them for a long time.
Karla Mahilum
from Davao City

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